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    Welcome To The Uncorked Glass Company

    The Uncorked Glass Company handcrafts, unique, eco-friendly glassware from recycled wine bottles, donated from local restaurants and bars in Atlanta, GA. Our tumblers are handcrafted from 100% post-consumer materials in our effort to honor our “green” commitment.

    Uncorked glassware is in a league of its own. Most of our customers have heard of the concept of bottle cutting, but have never seen them cut or finished at the quality level we provide. All of the tumblers go through a polishing process that “rounds” the lip, leaving it smooth and brilliant. The “dimple” or “punt” in the bottom of the bottle is incorporated, to give each glass its unique character. Enjoy them as an addition to your personal glassware or as a clever gift idea!

    We offer them in SETS OF FOUR with FIVE COLOR OPTIONS and
    TWO SIZES to choose from. Click the “Order” tab to see what the Uncorked Glass Company has to offer! We are sure you and your friends will love them!
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